“For Sale By Owner” Do you really save money? Maybe, but have you taken into consideration the value of the advise of professionals that Real Estate Agents have access to?

August 6th, 2014

Their advice will make your home more sellable by increasing its value and avoiding potential homebuyer objections. Advice from these professionals help you prepare your home for sale, which include tips and ideas from home decorators ( professional stagers) who will help you make you house look its best.

In addition to a professional stager, good photography makes your home more attractive to those doing their search on the Internet. And research shows that over 80% of homebuyers narrow down their selection of homes to look at by using various Internet websites where photos of homes can be seen. You and your I-phone camera are no match to the photos taken by a professional photographer.

The same goes for the work that qualified painters and handymen do versus what you and your brother in law can do. And the list goes on and on, so before you decide to put a “For Sale by Owner” sign in your yard, consider meeting a Real Estate agent or broker and then decide if it is worth it to pay them to help you sell your home.

“For Sale By Owner” Do you really save money? Limited exposure to potential buyers could lengthen the sale process and reduce your net proceeds from the sale.

May 30th, 2014

By sticking a For Sale by Owner sign on a yard, you will attract only the few buyers driving by your home. Your property will not be listed in most of the websites that are favorites of homebuyer’s searches.

The advantages of using a Real Estate agent to help you sell your home are many, starting with the exposure that your home will receive in many of the websites that buyers search for.

Another advantage is their ability to communicate information about your home with other agents by holding an agent exclusive walk through event. This will expose your home to many agents who may already have buyers looking for a home fitting the description and features that are similar to yours.

Another tool in their arsenal is an Open House for potential buyers. This is something that you could do without their help but don’t expect the same results. Real Estate agents present at an Open House know how to generate buyer interest, that is what they do for a living and the type of expertise that most home sellers lack.

There is one more reason you may want to work with an agent; Reverse Prospecting. This is a tool they have to search for agents that are already working with buyers whose criteria is similar to what your home has to offer. This gives you exposure to the best type of prospective buyers, the ones targeting homes similar to yours.

So before you get the urge of sticking a For Sale By Owner sign in your yard, spend a little time interviewing potential Real Estate agents to help you sell your home. It may save you time and money.