“For Sale By Owner” Do you really save money? Maybe, but have you taken into consideration the value of the advise of professionals that Real Estate Agents have access to?

Their advice will make your home more sellable by increasing its value and avoiding potential homebuyer objections. Advice from these professionals help you prepare your home for sale, which include tips and ideas from home decorators ( professional stagers) who will help you make you house look its best.

In addition to a professional stager, good photography makes your home more attractive to those doing their search on the Internet. And research shows that over 80% of homebuyers narrow down their selection of homes to look at by using various Internet websites where photos of homes can be seen. You and your I-phone camera are no match to the photos taken by a professional photographer.

The same goes for the work that qualified painters and handymen do versus what you and your brother in law can do. And the list goes on and on, so before you decide to put a “For Sale by Owner” sign in your yard, consider meeting a Real Estate agent or broker and then decide if it is worth it to pay them to help you sell your home.

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