“For Sale By Owner” Do you really save money? Knowing how to price your home makes a big difference on how long it will take to sell it.

Having all the information you need to price the home for a fast sale is very important, but how and where do you get this information, how accurate is it?

The condition of your property versus others is an important factor, but do you know details about homes you are competing with and how they are priced? Some of this information is available but often available only to Real Estate agents.

A home that I listed for sale is under contract for $179,000. The home has a suggested selling price by a popular Real Estate information website of $163,377. If the owner had followed the information given by this publication, he would have cheated himself out of nearly $16,000 in profit from the sale. Even after paying for my services, the owner netted $8,000 more than what he would have gotten had he sold it on his own.

Can you save money by selling your home without the help of an agent? Maybe, but before you decide on which way to go, talk to a couple of Real Estate agents and then determine your best course of action. There are many ways to save money when selling a home, just make sure you know what they are.

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